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Thank you to the above 2 posters . I was certainly unaware that children of off- peak members have the same rights to jump the off – peak queue .

Regarding the points re inability to attend the club very often due to distance – it is precisely this which irks myself and my husband greatly . The current rule is iniquitous – 75 miles from the Club which means even Portsmouth does not qualify – one must be out in the English Channel ie an overseas member !!! Who , given the traffic situation prevailing in London now is going to do a round trip of over 140 miles to visit the Club on a regular basis justifying full membership ? We don’t want to let our membership go as we will never get back in and you never know how things are going to pan out in the future re living arrangements but each visit costs us in excess of £300 as a couple.We would be extremely happy with a country membership limited to say 10 visits per annum priced accordingly . Until that happens I’m afraid neither my husband nor I will be supporting the current proposals with our votes . As I said before , entirely selfish but everyone will vote in their own interests and our opinions were asked for on this forum in order to get a steer from different members thereby avoiding another West Wing debacle .