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I would like to echo the previous comments about revamping the country members category as part of the membership overhaul part of the Horizon Project. We have recently moved out of London, and now live 50 miles from the club, so we don’t qualify to be country members. As a family of 5 we pay a total of £4,348 in annual subscriptions, and we are unlikely to visit the club more than 10 days a year…the equivalent of £435 a visit! No other London clubs we are members of, or know of, have anywhere near the qualifying distances from home/work for country membership. I would be interested to know how many current country members (who therefore don’t live or work within 75 miles of the club) manage to clock up anywhere near 28 days at the club a year? For example, if they live exactly 75 miles away, and they took advantage of their full entitlement of 28 days at the club, they would have to clock up 4,200 miles (equivalent of London to Atlanta, USA) a year in round trips to visit the club! I realise this is an extreme example, but it does illustrate why the qualification for country membership needs to be looked at. We would be very happy to reduce our annual entitlement of visits to far less than the current 28 days limit in lieu of a reduction in the 75 mile distance rule. This is obviously a particular conundrum for a certain proportion of the membership, but I’m emboldened to add my voice to this debate given that a number of others who have raised this on this feedback forum.