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a. Food
I must agree with comments about the poor quality of the food on offer and the associated service.

– Last night we dined in the Rose Court, having invited four guests. It was an evening to forget, embarrassing for us as hosts, for our guests, and giving an appalling image of the Club. It took 20 minutes to get our drink, 50 minutes for the first course, and one hour and 30 minutes for the main course. The occupancy was less than one quarter of the seats available. I shudder to think what would have happened if there had been more people dining. The attitude of the staff was mostly collaborative but they were clearly irritated and poorly led.

– Last Sunday we had two guests for a barbecue lunch. While the queue was short, it took over 20 minutes to be given our food, and when we received it it was placed in cardboard boxes rather than on plates, and the food was very over cooked, dry, and cold. It was an embarrassment.

– The Club is a very long way from understanding how to produce food efficiently, of good quality, and in an environment of relaxation and enjoyment.

– We will not risk bringing more guests to the Club until this situation improves, and it may well be years given what the management has said about continuing to try to improve. It has been such a frequently stated aim and is never in fact achieved.

b. Relating to the pool facilities

– The changing rooms are dirty, particularly the floors, which are also most often wet.
– The towels have largely lost their softness and “bounce”, and need to be replaced.