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It has been heartening that the Club has made good progress recently towards reflecting contemporary lifestyles and culture and intends to continue along this path as part of the Horizon project.

The Members Handbook is rather opaque on the subject of spouses and established life partners. Since the Spouse Member category was closed I understand that there is the option of Temporary Membership. But is that reserved solely for partners in possession of a marriage or civil partnership certificate or does the Committee/Secretary exercise discretion (and if so, using what criteria)? Either way, many Members will almost certainly be relying upon the guest route to enable their partners to accompany them to the Club. No doubt many individuals in this situation are maxing out on the 21 annual guest admissions, perhaps augmented by additional admissions sponsored by other Members happy to help out.

I wonder if the arrangement that was recently put in place for nannies/child carers could be a basis of a new entry pass arrangement for nominated “significant others?” (but obviously with appreciably higher annual fees than for child carers). At the same time the number of times an individual could attend the Club as a guest (of all Member sponsors combined) could be reduced to something closer to the 12 per year level. This number would still enable Members to continue with gestures such as giving monthly lunches or tennis matches to dear friends or relatives who are Non-Members. I know that for many this is a cherished and important facility.

The recent digitisation of Member and guest access should make an arrangement of this type relatively easy to implement. Needless to say the rule would be one “Significant Other” pass per Member and subject to the Member not being paired already with a Temporary Member or Spouse Member!!