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As per the Mission Statement, and commented on extensively, Hurlingham is a family club, differentiated from its comparables with the continuity of members through generations. This brings with it a clear sense of history and cultural heritage. As such we should be seeking to continue to incentivise the children of members to become members and grow into the club vs. bringing in someone from the waiting list. The difference in joining fee between a child member progressing to adult membership vs. someone joining off the waiting list is one of the mechanisms to do so. I cannot see the purpose (or why it is in members’ collective interest) in reducing or removing the joining fee discounts for a child member who is progressing to adult membership (on the proviso they have paid their full c.16-18 years of child subscriptions) and with it preserving the very ethos of the club. It feels appropriate that there is a premium joining fee for someone joining off the waiting list (and who is bringing no such family continuity).