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Danny Sitton, our Sports Executive has read everyone’s comments with interest, and asked me to post this response ‘Further to my comment of 5th August, we recently commissioned a week-long data gathering exercise through a specialist company that uses a combination of sensor technology and surveys with users – they then provide advice to the gym on how best to improve efficiency and make the best use of their floor space. In keeping with many of the comments on this thread, they highlighted that while our gym meets the needs of older age groups reasonably well, it underserves our younger age groups in terms of the equipment they want to use. They determined exactly which pieces of equipment are very heavily used by different age groups and which pieces of equipment are redundant where we have excess capacity. For example, where the average piece of equipment was used for 10.6 hours per week, the half-rack platform was used over 40 hours per week. By contrast, of our 6 cross trainers, 4 were used less than 1 hour a week. This has certainly provided the Swimming & Fitness Committee with some excellent data and a more concrete rationale for making the decisions about the specific changes that are needed to improve the gym experience for all rather than relying on purely anecdotal evidence. We will also be looking to act on some of their recommendations as quickly as we can in the short term. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that the only way to way accommodate the latest fitness trends and meet the wishes of gym users in to increase the floor space in the gym.’