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Dear Members,

Mrs Lyon has an extremely valid point, which I support. I have two children of similar age to Mrs Lyon’s two, both under 30 and a slightly discounted fee until age 30 and a staggered subscription rate rising with age would be totally in line with other Clubs such as the Roehampton Club. On the point of the Roehampton Club and Mr Gamble’s comments, it is completely inaccurate to say that the Roehampton Club offers fewer facilities. I am a member of both clubs and will list the major differences for clarity: Roehampton has a highly regarded 18 hole golf course, the Hurlingham Club does not; Roehampton has gym and fitness facilities that are at least 3x larger than the Hurlingham Club and far better equipped staffed and supervised, the HUrlingham Club gym is small, pokey and badly lit; one does not have to pay for fitness classes at the Roehampton Club, whilst at the Hurlingham one does; at the Roehampton Club members get towels; the paddle courts are covered at the Roehampton Club; the F&B facilities at the Roehampton Club are fully operational every day and evening and do not seem to be affected by staffing issues claimed at the Hurlingham Club (in fact staffing levels have increased); and there are many more points that can be made; to recognise their loyalty and support members of the Roehampton Club received up to £250 in April 2021, at the Hurlingham Club we did not receive anything and indeed there is strong talk of significant subscription increases.

Unfortunately I have heard other members and indeed Committee members draw the same comparisons between the Hurlingham Club and the Roehampton Club. I would of course be delighted to invite Mr Gamble, any other member or Committee member (as my guest) to the Roehampton Club so that they can see for themselves, surely apples should be compare with apples rather than some other type of fruit and comparison of clubs should be objective and based on actual facts.

I am fully supportive of Mrs Lyon’s point and hope that the committee and other members read this post.