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I have been a member for nearly 50 years joining courtesy of my husband as a new bride. I have therefore experienced the Club in all the various stages of life: young married without children, not so young married with children and now not young at all with grandchildren. Because the Club grounds and buildings are so lovely one has perhaps overlooked the serious lack of progress in ensuring the club facilities are updated to match those of other clubs of similar standing. This is particularly noticeable with many of our Reciprocal Clubs abroad , many of which I have visited.
I voted for the ‘full monty’ when development/improvements were mooted a couple of years ago and the democratic vote of the Membership was overturned. Can we have an assurance this time round that the democratic vote will be upheld. Extremely expensive and disheartening if it is not.
Meanwhile I support all the suggested changes bar a third pool. But if it means having another pool to get all the improvements through, so be it.
Many thanks to everyone who for little reward spend so much time trying to improve this world-renowned Club.
Mrs Geraldine Higson