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I have to agree with all of the above, as a absent member since 1993 I have attended the club at most 10 days in total. My mother who also is a absent member is 87 and has used the club in the past 10 years perhaps 15 day in total. I am not quite sure what the rational for increasing the fee and decreasing the days is. The club should look at the average number of days used by all absent members which will – for sure – show that the average usage is far less that the current allotted time.

I am convinced that the idea is to generate additional revenue to fund the “horizon” projects. A more advantageous option is to adopt the North American club’s entrance fees model which can be as much as $80K for a senior member entrance. through membership attrition this can be a significant source of revenue versus small taxation of the absent members.

I am convinced the leadership will do the right thing