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An important part of the logic of the 2nd indoor pool is to cater for the expected INCREASE in demand, especially by children but also at the older end of our demographic. We currently have 80% more members in their early 30s than we do in their early 40s, so it is predictable that as the early 30s start to have families, we will have 80% more members under 10, and more demand from children for swimming and lessons. Equally, the number of older adults will increase as our bulge currently aged around 70 grows older; fortunately member longevity is very good, so we can predicting many more members in their 80s than we have now.

For the moment, we are trying to see if adult members can be attracted to the outdoor pool in winter. We will see how attractive that proves to be. The WW is the largest project, and will be less disruptive to members if it were sequenced after any other major projects that we might do, so my guess is that even if we do go ahead with changes to the WW, the decision whether of not to include a second pool will not be made for perhaps 5 or more years – so by then we will have plenty of data on whether we can cope with many more children and whether swimmers are happy to go to the outdoor pool year round.