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Posted in reply to Richard Rawlinson’s points

I have a very simple suggestion, which I hope you and your colleagues will consider: There are a great number of possible improvements. Of course, you asked the members so you know what they are. Some examples were:

1. Enlarge the gym
2. Improve the tennis pavilion
3. Improve the croquet pavilion
4. Build translucent bubbles over the outdoor courts
5. Put a bubble over the outdoor pool so it can be used from Nov – Mar, when it is very cold and expensive to heat
6. Build a second indoor pool where the 4 squash courts are.

What I suggest is for each of these items, and others, you present to the membership:

1. Purpose of the improvement
2. A sketch of how it is now and how you propose to change it
3. Any potential legal planning issues
4. The estimated cost
5. The estimated timing
6. Interruption to some other nearby activities
7. Any other relevant info

In other words, I presume that with the £250,000 in your Horizon budget, you have drawings, legal issues, cost and engineering feasibility on all of these improvements, project by project. Once the membership can see it, we would then have a factual basis on which to make a decision. Like an a la carte menu.

As is, I have no idea why the so-called “moderate” plan which Horizon estimates at a total of £14.5-16m you cannot include a second covered pool where the two squash courts are, which should cost very little. You should have such data, which would greatly relieve the pressure on the existing indoor pool.

I think the simpler and clearer you make it, the easier it will be for the membership to understand what each one costs, allowing them to vote democratically.