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Sam B

I fully support what Lachie says. As a younger (and now 28 year old) member, I also felt forced to join another gym because of the lack of proper lifting equipment. The new Eleiko lifting rack/platform is great – but often the only thing in the whole gym for which there is a queue. I do not think anything particularly dramatic needs to be done – just purchase of at least one (preferably two) more of the lifting platforms and making space for that downstairs.

I personally was dismayed at the purchase of the all the e-gym equipment. It is fascist – in that it tells you what to do and makes you move around the circuit. For those who want to choose their own work-out that is irritating. But generally the electronic weight system does not work well at heavier weight ranges.

I think some dramatic change would be unnecessary and costly. I think that is true of the changing rooms as well. I feel the current changing rooms are just as nice as anything I’ve experienced at commercial gyms (gymbox, etc) or other members clubs (RAC, Queen’s Club, etc).

In some circumstances less is more. At basically every other gym or club I visit towels are freely available. Having to pay feels … quite sad. At Queen’s there’s a little table of shaving cream, disposable razors, a spray deoderant, which all feels quite nice.

Many thanks to all who are contributing, and listening, to ensure the club fairly serves all its members.

P.S. What arrangement do we have for the PTs using the gym? Are they salaried, or do (as in commercial clubs) they pay “rent” and make the money back from doing PT sessions? Is there some health and safety requirement for there always to be a member of staff on duty?