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Response sent of behalf of Richard Rawlinson.

The second pool was an option under the WW moderate plan and that choice is not being made at this point.

Asking members about it in the survey would be an obvious thing to do, so why are we not doing that? The main reason is that there is a fair chance that the West Wing will not be the first project, so the need for a decision is quite likely some years away. Renovating the West Wing will be less disruptive for members if we have already moved changing and studios to the North Wing and have already created some attractive Member-dedicated F&B facilities in the East Wing. Plus, the West Wing will be the biggest project so we would rather build member confidence in the Club (which is an issue) by completing other small projects successfully first.

If the West Wing configuration is decided in, say 4-7 years from now, then at a minimum, any decision on 2nd pool/no pool might then be disputed as out of date; and it might well in fact be different, as by then the pressure from more children will have started to build in reality vs in anticipation, and we will also have solid data on to what to extent the outdoor pool is an alternative for members. Finally, the cost difference of a pool vs no pool is put at about £1 million, which is not a critically large sum in the Horizon context; even with maintenance capital only, the Club in 2022 will already be spending that in capex about every quarter.