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    Simply, the family changing rooms are a poor reflection on the club. It is apparent that they were designed by someone without Children in mind as the only elements related to children are –

    1) a plastic stool placed infront of the swmming suit dryer (which moulds frequently)
    2) a single ‘play cage/crib’ placed by the emergency exit (which during winter months gets draughty which is precisely the opposite of what parents want for young children with wet hair).
    3) 2 lower shower head nozzels

    In the broader Horizon survey “dissatisfaction with club ‘changing rooms'” features as a topic and there is a comparison with Queens Club changing rooms which is a fantastic example. Relevent for the family changing rooms I would steer people towards LAURA SEVENUS POOL IN CHISWICK as an exmaple of a model towards which we should aspire!


    The infrastructure around the changing rooms at Sevenus is FABULOUS (thoughtful and child friendly).

    This is not complicated. It simply requires a thoughtful approach with design collaboration with parents of young children!

    The current changing rooms seem to pay zero attention to Children – aesthetically there are no colours, no fun pictures, no cartoons, no chilod related images – no balloons or rainbows! In addition, and arguably more importantly, the infrastructure in the family changing room is simply sub standard – the loos are dated and unfriendly to children, the showers are adult showers, the room has zero padding at all, the seating area cuts against the locker layout (and currently has broken slats which pose a danger to children). The entire room from A-Z is poorly thought out.

    This is meant to be a family club and the effort made in the family changing room is poor when compared to any standard.


    Hi John thank you for your input and comments – yes Horizon feedback is that changing rooms need upgrading and we are looking at this as part of the proposals. We’ve asked Maintenance to investigate the broken seating area that you’ve flagged in your post.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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