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Hurlingham grounds

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    Please could we have more lights in the Hurlingham grounds so that it is safer to walk around in the winter, particularly late in the afternoon when it has already become quite dark? It would greatly enhance the look of the grounds if the trunks of more trees could be lit up in the late afternoons/early evenings. The lights could be turned off around 10 pm each evening so they do not interfere too much with the sleeping habits of different animals. The illuminated barks of the trees would also provide an attractive view for those looking out of the dining room windows or from the conservatory during the winter months.

    Many of the paths in the grounds are slightly uneven and it would be easy for someone to trip or fall when the light fades, particularly if they are elderly. Only the main paths are properly lit. If there was more light coming from illuminated tree trunks, this would help to light up the areas around the paths and provide a much more attractive walk for those wanting an evening stroll or wishing to walk their dog.

    Kew Gardens has provided some amazing spectacles by illuminating some of their trees during the winter. The lighting can be quite subtle and should not need to be strong enough to upset any local neighbours. During the summer months people tend to admire the leaves on the trees and often fail to notice the beautiful barks, which become so much more in evidence during the winter months.


    I agree! I think having more lights in the Hurlingham grounds would make it safer to walk around in the evenings during the winter when it gets dark sooner. At the moment, it’s very easy for someone to trip because of the uneven paths. If the trees were lit, it would make it safer to walk around the grounds, particularly for the elderly.


    Thank you for your comments. I spoke to Caroline Churchill, our Estate’s Executive who said that Gardening and Landscape Committee have been consulted and they have advised us not to illuminate all the paths. As Mrs Hargreaves mentions, this is mainly to do with the wildlife and trees – even turning the lights off at 22:00hrs adversely affects them. However, we are looking at lighting some additional paths (eg to the outdoor pool).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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