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    I think the reciprocal club list needs tidying up. I count 6 in central London, some with very few facilities on offer. Most only a few miles away, and I can’t imagine used often by any Hurlingham member.


    We are planning a comprehensive review of our reciprocal club arrangements next year – we have not looked at it systematically for some time.

    Our impression is that the London Club are a benefit for members as they provide central london facilities that are used and appreciated. Indeed, we get requests to add to the number of such arrangements.

    The arrangements with UK clubs are only partially reciprocal, in that their members visiting Hurlingham can only use the F&B facilities, and have no access at all to sporting facilities. (Sloane Club members have no access at all.) Overseas Club members do have sporting access but tennis is limited to 10 occasions per year.

    All reciprocal arrangements limit access by their members to Hurlingham to 14 visits per year.

    Sam B

    I agree with Alexander. I did not know that there were six in central London but I would have thought one (or perhaps 2) is all that is necessary. I have never used reciprocal membership at any of the London clubs.

    I would also appreciate some more publicity on the London clubs with which we have reciprocal membership so that members are at least aware of the options.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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