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River Thames

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    The Hurlingham Club has a significant frontage onto the river Thames which is a major asset which is not exploited well. If we are taking a far sighted view, I believe we should examine whether we could do more with this asset; whether it be a boat club, better viewing facilities, access to the river bank etc. At present the design seems to shield us from the river, rather than take advantage of our frontage. Whilst we are employing consultants to advise on how we can improve our buildings, perhaps this would be a good area to review.

    Robyn Gilkes

    As part of The Horizon Project, it has been suggested that there could perhaps be a riverside Bar, opposite the Swimming Pool. Building a platform , on which to sit, overlooking The River. I think this would be an excellent plan.


    To be clear, the idea is a small platform overlooking the river on which drinks etc could be served from the Swimming Pool cafe, when it is open (which is when we expect 50 people+ in the swimming area) – otherwise people would have to bring their drinks from the Polo Bar. We have a reasonable chance of getting permission for something modest there – but we would not be granted permission for a building overlooking the river.

    The river frontage is considered to have high value from the nature preservation point of view as it a rare example op “undeveloped” river frontage. Our plans for that area more generally have to do with appropriate tree planting etc.


    Great idea, Russell: I’ve chatted to a few of our club rowers who’d love to set out from our club’s shores!


    A boat club would be awesome!


    Would there be any interest in the Club acquiring a small motor launch for say 6 guests which can be used for pleasure trips with/without catering by the club and a contracted in skipper (assuming such a person exists) moored perhaps at the Hurlingham pontoon. I can’t attach a photo but one such (traditional mahogany style 26ft inc cabin) was on offer at the boat show recently for £30k. Mooring at pontoon c £6-800 pa. This might prove quite popular at weekends and summer months and provide some real connection between the club and the river as well, one anticipates as being self-financing.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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