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Thank you Chairman, Alan and all the contributors for this evening’s briefing. An excellent summary and a very heartening view of what might/could be the future.

One area for consideration. I believe the Club is excellent value for money (save that the F&B often does not match up to the rest of the offering), and that a one-off increase in fees of up to 10% is not an unreasonable ask – provided that it goes towards the kinds of improvements described.

However, finding £1,500 each for my wife and I on 1st January is always painful. I believe a monthly payment plan is available, but when I last looked it was significantly more expensive. I suspect a hike to subscriptions would be easier to absorb if the Club’s default position was to take it monthly by DD at no extra cost rather than annually at the pit of the domestic financial year. Surely in these days of electronic banking this would not disadvantage the Club.

Apologies if I have dropped behind the times and this is normal now anyway! Thanks again.