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Unfortunately, I missed the beginning of the meeting so may have missed some salient points but I have several points to make regarding those parts I did see – all solely from our own personal point of view . Different members will have different personal circumstances and viewpoints but we were asked for our personal views so that a consensus could be reached before putting resolutions to the Members , so here goes :-

1. As members now living in Guildford we are able to make very little use ( less than 10 visits a year ) of the Club particularly given the enormous increase in time to get there since Hammersmith Bridge was closed thus increasing the traffic pressure on Putney Bridge . The new charging zone along the North and South Circulars together with the new and proposed LTN’s will make the journey even worse . Hurlingham is the only club I am a member of who will not grant us Country Membership – indeed so exacting and ungenerous are the criteria one must actually live in the English Channel to qualify I believe . Thus to hear the proposals that spouse reductions will be reduced , 5/10 % one – off subscription increases followed by RPI increases are proposed plus making off- peak members full members increasing further the pressure on the Club is frankly not a very enticing prospect and will receive no support from us .

2. Despite many members voting “ do nothing” in one of the recent surveys in terms of projects , I was astonished to hear that there are 13 possible projects that may be proposed and that much of the financial presentation was about how much Capex we can raise and what subscription increases the Membership are prepared to bear ! This is not what I want to hear .I want to enjoy the Club on the very few occasions I get to visit and not be constantly in the middle of a building site . The references to how much the Membership “ will bear “ were , I am afraid to say , quite inappropriate in my opinion .

3. The proposal to give off- peak members a vote – followed presumably by a reorganisation of the current unincorporated association status where all full members own a share of the Club into an incorporated one ( presumably giving off – peaks a share too ) completely overlooks the rights of current full members – turkeys , votes and Christmas spring to mind .

4. The proposal to admit off – peak members to full membership will surely only make the waiting list problem worse as there will be double the number of spouses and children to go to the top of the waiting list .

5. I hope I am being cynical , but watching the presentation ( bar the beginning ) it did seem that the enormous number of entrance fees that would be generated by allowing off- peak members to become peak would not only double the number of full members overnight but swell the Capex coffers significantly. I do hope there is no causal link here .

Before anyone tries to tear me to shreds or say I am being selfish , we were specifically asked for our opinions so that a consensus could be reached thereby avoiding a rerun of the West Wing debacle . I am just giving our point of view – the Club is already very bad value for us because we are not allowed country membership – all of the proposals that I saw will only make our position worse and I am sure that we are not the only ones in this position . Thank you for your time .