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If we do a project in the North Wing, the size of the North Wing would be substantially expanded, either by extending it into an area currently occupied by maintenance, or by doing that also extending it into the Four-in-Hand yard. (The Four-in-Hand yard would be realigned along the axis of the East Wing.) Either of these alternatives provides substantial space to expand the size of the gym and relocate the dry side changing rooms to the North Wing. If we choose the bigger alternative, that moves the wall of the North Wing into what is now the Four-in-Hand yard, and creates a lot of new space. That would enable the studios to be moved to the North Wing; they would then be contiguous to the gym and co-located with the dry side changing rooms.

There is no proposal to move any facilities to the North Wing unless we also expand the North Wing substantially.

If we do nothing to the North Wing, then studios and dry side changing stay in the West Wing, but the redevelopment of the squash courts and rearrangements do allow us to expand the Cafe. Under all proposals, the Restaurant stays where it currently is, or in the East Wing; there is no proposal to move it to the West Wing.