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I am horrified at the price increases on the everyday items. It should be possible to have a simple salad for £5/6 and a cup of coffee for less than £3. Now that cover restrictions are coming off, please can we go back to reusable cups (previously known as china) and self selected salads. From an ethical standpoint as well as an economic one, the excessive packaging and non recycle materials are unacceptable. I used to have lunch in the harness room 4/5 times a week. I have been twice in the last 2 months. The friends with whom I lunched and dined simply refuse to pay more than normal restaurant prices, when there are so many good local restaurants nearby. It is not that the food, service or decor is exceptional. The old Harness Room was usually full, the new one is not.

I have had only one al fresco dining experience, some £200+ on cold food in a freezing tent. Compared sadly with a superb meal under an efficient heater in Covent Garden for less than £100, including a rather better wine.

Good value basics and exceptional dining experiences should not be impossible. Pre covid I have had wonderful fine dining, great event catering and good value simple meals. Now we have the British rail experience.

Perhaps we could just have a self operated coffee machine and save on staffing costs as a first step?!