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It seems most of the conversation over the past 20 years has been around improving the physical structures in the club.

I would propose increasing the quality of the clubs services as there seems to have been a big deterioration.

1. Food (is just terrible). I agree with Ms Charlotte Baly and other members on their experiences.

Healthier tastier options. Perhaps take a page out of the playbook from Soho House. Wood fire pizza, better bbq standard, eggs with avocado etc.

2. Subsidizing food and drink. Prices / quality just doesn’t add up. I would like to see an increase quality at cheaper prices rather than building up a huge reserve to constantly want to build new buildings.

It has deteriorated to the point that I have been bringing food to the club rather than consume the clubs food recently.

Sorry this part is not related to food but to services:

3. Better services and quality. Warm towels. Comfortable padded deck chairs by the pool. More trained staff to provide such services.

4. Cleanliness. The changing rooms are dirty and smelly. More cleaning staff, better hand soap and lotions etc.