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I have to admit I needed to look up the word euphemistic in my dictionary. Now I see the meaning I see why you used it.

It is a more agreeable way of saying that people who cannot afford the membership should resign and offer the opportunity to someone who can afford to pay.

Do you have a solution?

When people take that line with me I say they can always resign and join Roehampton. But that would cost me double they say.

Or the Harbour Club. But that would cost me more than Hurlingham and offer me far less.

We have always had a policy of not allowing money to buy membership. Millionaires are buying into Napier Avenue in the expectation of being fast tracked. They are not and I believe we have a better Club as a result.

But surely that is not same problem as families who inherit their membership, the only way in these days, and then find they cannot afford it?