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Please look at the “North Wing” alternative proposals from the Horizon Project. They are on the website, on the displays in the clubhouse and explained in the videos of the open meetings – and there will be another open meeting in the clubhouse next week, on Wednesday 29th. Pushing back the wall to create more space is one option – I believe that adds about 30% more gym space. Another option is to do that but also push the wall out into the Four-in-Hand yard. That would create a lot more space – and we would be able to devote it to a mix of gym and studio space. All these proposals are entirely realistic – provided members express their support for them and the related subscription increases. Substantial changes are unlikely to be affordable based on current subscription levels.

The changing room proposals reflect several factors:
1. Improving changing rooms was the no 1 sports-related area for improvement from the satisfaction survey; and that is key guidance for what is and is not included in the Horizon proposals
2. There have been complaints about the separation of dry changing from the gym
3. We need to release space in the West Wing for facilities that can only be there, notably an expansion of the cafe and a second indoor pool; and moving changing rooms and studio space to an expanded North Wing is a practical way of doing that and frees up considerable space in the West Wing. It is a very practical plan for the cafe to expand on the ground floor into the current dry changing area in the West Wing. Improving F&B and esp more space for the Cafe was a top priority for members, from the survey and other feedback, and it needs more ground floor space in the West Wing. That is really the decisive factor in moving the dry changing to the East Wing.

All these proposals will require positive support from members to go forward, but I suggest members look at the proposals as packages – and any package will include some things that any individual member very much wants and others that perhaps they don’t want, but others do. Based on results from the next survey tat will come in a few weeks, we hope we can come up with a package that will command substantial majority support, with everyone accepting some compromise, and the financial implications that will follow. If not, we will stick to maintaining current facilities and will have to accept higher levels of utilisation / crowding, as member numbers slowly increase, our demographics change and (we expect) usage increases. But subscriptions would be lower than they would otherwise be (but will still increase above RPI, to cover loss of events income) and we would avoid the temporary disruption that making the improvements will entail.