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I totally agree wth the above comments. I live in Portugal and have not been able to visit the Club at all in 21 months. Even without the pandemic I would normally only expect to visit a few times a year which I suspect is similar for most absent members. The charitable thing to do if we are going to be asked to pay more to further subsidise the usage of regular users is to allow us more access, not to cut it back. The reality is that most will not avail themselves of this anyway, but it would make us feel more part of the club and able to use it more on the occasional longer visit to the UK.

As a comparison my London golf club allows overseas members 31 playing days per year which have to be taken in no more than 4 visits to the UK per year. The overseas membership fee is similar to the 20% of Full levied by Hurlingham. This seems a fair arrangement whereas the current proposal under discussion at Hurlingham does not.

Nigel Atkinson