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    I have to agree the food at the club is hugely disappointing at the moment. I am bored with the BBQ – the food is often overcooked and presentation is pitiful. The steaks seem to be good value but are then overcooked and inedible. Similarly I had lamb lamb chops last time at the Rose court – asked for pink and they came overdone – they wee sent back. Last Sunday I had the fish and chips – admittedly it was 2;45 when the kitchen was closing at 3:00pm but the chips were cold and thevbatter was overly crisp and standing out from the fish = obviously prepared and cooked an hour or so earlier. I settled for an egg sandwich – difficult to ruin that…


    This has just appeared on the website.

    “The Restaurant – Temporarily closed

    Please be informed that The Restaurant is temporarily closed due to unforeseen circumstances. We apologise for the inconvenience ”

    Someone said this morning that the reason was because they had functions booked in most evenings and they were so short staffed they had to move chefs from the Restaurant.

    Has anyone else heard this?



    I have been phoned by Sebastian who explained that the problem is due to a failure in the ventilation system for the kitchen.

    A replacement part is on order and the restaurant is due to open on Tuesday 14th.

    The staff shortages were nothing more than a rumour. Full marks to Sebastian to taking the trouble to phone so quickly and put kick the rumour into touch.



    Please can there be better signage and accessibility to childrens food. There don’t appear to be dedicated hot children’s options at the weekend in the Harness Room other than pizza, nor at the BBQ.
    And in any future developments please can we avoid the canteen type facility in the East Wing. Elegance in our surroundings should be achievable.
    Thank you


    The food and drink is far too overpriced. Before the pandemic, I used to go and have a coffee everyday after the gym and now I very seldom do. I also used to have a lunch at Hurlingham every weekend and now I only have it as an occasional treat, every couple of months or so. I very seldom entertain friends at Hurlingham because of these prices.

    I went into the polo bar yesterday to get a jug of pimms and I was surprised at how much this was. It was roughly £26 and I’m sure it used to be about £14. I’m sure these costs are putting members off from eating and drinking at Hurlingham because I noticed the bar was virtually empty. I feel the food and beverages need to go back to affordable prices.


    I have to agree with one of the earlier comments and feel the food at the club along with the menu is particularly disappointing and as a result I am not using the club as much as I’d like to.
    I would like to see a lot more variety and a more interesting choice please which meets the needs of both meat eaters and vegetarians. I would definitely use the restaurants a lot more if the food was a bit more interesting and platformed a more varied range of flavours and diversity.

    Claire Ensor

    I share the other members’ views. The difference is that we no longer eat at the club at all. We used to go there often. In the last year I have been there twice for a drink – on the second occasion it was just one drink because the queues were too long and it was not like being at a club. I had a cup of tea in the Rose Garden (I find the coffee very bitter), and even that was a fiasco and it took about 20 minutes to get the drink despite the small queue at the till. Staff looked bewildered and I am reminded of Fawlty Towers – it always looks as though new staff have just arrived, are doing their best but don’t know what to do. What has happened? None of this has anything to do with buildings – it is a question of management. If we cannot manage the existing structures, why should we want more?


    I am afraid I have to join the chorus of lamentation concerning f&b. Before it was just poor quality now we can add the stiff prices, the combination is woeful. Quite often as you approach the Harness room there is a smell which reminds you of school dinners. Quite honestly I have had better food in a hospital. I don’t understand ( 56895 and 56911) why the prices must be benchmarked to our competitors, can someone explain it to me..


    Quoting Claire above:- ” None of this has anything to do with buildings – it is a question of management.”

    Cindy Gray directed Other Men’s Flowers which ran from 7.30 to 8.45 this Thursday 7th October. A week before she went into the Polo Bar and told them that there was an audience of about 70 and a cast of about 12. She warned the Bar that a fair number of those people would come to the Polo Bar after the show wanting something to eat as the Palm Court Bar does not serve food.

    It seems the message was not passed on.

    The kitchen serving the Polo Bar shuts at 9.00pm. WE had anticipated a problem and we ordered our food at 7.15. Most, if not all, of the people who tried to order food after the show were told it was too late.

    I have just been told by Sebastian that our kitchens are now heavily reliant on agency staff. On the 7th October was there no member of ‘management’ with the authority to keep the kitchen working for another half hour, or so, to take money from hungry members? Certainly Vincent seemed not to be able to as he ended off giving out tumblers of chips to pacify people.

    ” None of this has anything to do with buildings – it is a question of management.”


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