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Guest entry and use of club

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    On a number of occasions I have overheard other members mention they have brought in guests without registering them, guests not paying parking fees, taking guests into the pool for free, etc. In addition, at the main entrance they ask for just one membership number, so 4 guests could easily enter in the same car without being registered. This surely goes against club ethos and rules, and is a security risk. Is this something the club is working to improve? Thanks!


    Hi Mehrnaz – thank you for your comments. Yes, we are looking at the way guests interact with the Club as part of our Membership and Policies proposals. More details of these will be discussed at our Membership Open meetings on Zoom on 19th August on Zoom and in person on 7th September at 11am in the Mulgrave Theatre.


    Yes it is, but we really do not want intrusive measures. However, on guest registration and in other areas, we do rely on members being honest. Perhaps we should remind members that dishonesty of any sort is customarily treated quite severely by clubs. We have detected instances of this in the recent past and taken action. The potential consequences include expulsion from the club and I suspect the members in question may not have stopped to think about the potential consequences for themselves of such dishonesty. Please discourage it when you see it, and we can avoid more intrusive actions.


    Thank you. It would be interesting to understand what the club means by avoiding intrusive measures, there are either rules that must be enforced by staff and members or no rules at all; it shouldn’t be left to members to be the “intrusive” ones while the club generally takes a “no intrusive measures” policy.


    “intrusive measures” would be things like having staff go round each tennis court and ask each player on the court to show their
    membership card or guest payment receipt. It could be done, but would be intrusive to members’ experience. A possible future alternative would be courtside tap-in for all players or at least a system that records who the players are supposed to be (which we do not currently have).

    But a lot of time, trouble and expense will be saved if members simply follow the rules.


    Unfortunately there will always be members who think it is OK not to pay guest fees to swim or play tennis.
    Immediate expulsion from the club should be the sanction as we know there is no shortage of people waiting to join who may feel more grateful to be members.


    The Proposer and Seconder should also be sanctioned.

    They are responsible for the person becoming a Member in the first place.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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