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Gym Modernisation

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    I am a regular user of the gym and have been ever since the first small gym was established at The Hurlingham Club. It is clear that many younger members, those who use the gym at least, would like a bigger free weights area. I am not against that but there will always be a problem with access, a bit like swimming, for proper use only one person can use a lane at any one time. Please do not cut down on cardio. The only time I ever have to wait is for a stationary bike, we could do with more of those. As to music most people seem to prefer ear phones, which is always an option for those who don’t like what is on offer.
    Has anyone thought of establishing a free weights area in the old squash courts?
    Gerard Connolly

    Horizon Project

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for this – I appreciate that. However, it would be good to incorporate inputs from the above in upcoming meetings – I have a suspicion a number of people with vested interests in this topic won’t have seen the surveys – I’m sat next to a member at work who hasn’t, and likewise, I haven’t either!

    Therefore, the points above are totally valid, however, may not be fully representing members interests!



    I have only used the gym sparingly because of the lack of space and equipment.For a club of our stature the facility is completely inadequate-the staff do a really good job at keeping the facility working as best they can but,as commented above, if i need to use a particular piece of equipment for any lenght of time,i need to plan my arrival carefully and even then it is pot luck if the session can be completed uninterrupted.
    Thus,i do not go unless desperate which is a pretty poor comment on the facility.

    Sam B

    I fully support what Lachie says. As a younger (and now 28 year old) member, I also felt forced to join another gym because of the lack of proper lifting equipment. The new Eleiko lifting rack/platform is great – but often the only thing in the whole gym for which there is a queue. I do not think anything particularly dramatic needs to be done – just purchase of at least one (preferably two) more of the lifting platforms and making space for that downstairs.

    I personally was dismayed at the purchase of the all the e-gym equipment. It is fascist – in that it tells you what to do and makes you move around the circuit. For those who want to choose their own work-out that is irritating. But generally the electronic weight system does not work well at heavier weight ranges.

    I think some dramatic change would be unnecessary and costly. I think that is true of the changing rooms as well. I feel the current changing rooms are just as nice as anything I’ve experienced at commercial gyms (gymbox, etc) or other members clubs (RAC, Queen’s Club, etc).

    In some circumstances less is more. At basically every other gym or club I visit towels are freely available. Having to pay feels … quite sad. At Queen’s there’s a little table of shaving cream, disposable razors, a spray deoderant, which all feels quite nice.

    Many thanks to all who are contributing, and listening, to ensure the club fairly serves all its members.

    P.S. What arrangement do we have for the PTs using the gym? Are they salaried, or do (as in commercial clubs) they pay “rent” and make the money back from doing PT sessions? Is there some health and safety requirement for there always to be a member of staff on duty?

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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