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    I would like there to be booking slots for the outdoor pool, so that the same people do not hog the pool and the sun beds all day, when the weather is fine. Also each member to have a limit on the number of guests they can bring to the pool over the whole year.


    I spoke to Danny Sitton our Sports Executive who said ‘There has been considerable discussion on the question of booking slots for the Outdoor Pool and this has been raised in forums such as the S&F Open Meeting. At present, the majority appear to prefer not having booking slots for the Outdoor Pool but we will continue to monitor this. The pool has been very manageable so far since restrictions were lifted in terms of numbers, but (as you point out) a tweak to the guest policy would be useful strategy in limited numbers in the area. The S&F will revisit this certainly ahead of next summer and sooner if needed.’

    Horizon Project

    I know a lot of members, including myself, would like the outdoor pool to remain open during the winter months (for shorter periods).

    The opening up of the outdoor pool was very popular last year during the lockdown and provided swimmers with the chance to enjoy their surroundings, including the changing trees and different plants, during their swim. It is also a way to get out in the fresh air. The jacuzzi also provides a wonderful form of warm relaxation after a bracing swim.

    If we had the outdoor pool open all year, there would be no need for another expensive indoor pool but perhaps we could have a second jacuzzi, near the outdoor pool, so more people could enjoy this after their swim.


    We are planning to keep the outdoor pool open until Christmas this year and then reopen as soon as possible after maintenance in Jan /Feb. That will give us better knowledge of usage and whether it affects numbers indoors.

    Building jacuzzi was surprisingly expensive so I do not think it likely we will have funds for a second one for some considerable time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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