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Plastic free


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    Let’s make the club 100% plastic free. We are much better than we were but still room to improve. Replace with biodegradable cups or reusable ones. We should have a zero tolerance for any single use plastics.


    Well said and in fact easy to do as we have done at the theatre that I run


    It’s a good soundbite, but have you looked up what the definition of ‘biodegradable’ is, because it’s not very impressive!

    Some single use plastics (e.g. water bottles) are incredibly cheap and easy to recycle and are one of the best options, therefore, so long as there are lots of bottle bins that get emptied by Veolia or someone similar.

    Paper (the usual replacement for plastic) is not necessarily the easy answer as it has its own host of problems and can be very bad for the environment.

    Each item should be considered on its merits rather than a falling under a single trendy statement.


    Great idea. Or perhaps ‘single
    Use’ free: so many bars & pubs now use re-usable plastic glasses for outdoor drinks (some look exactly the same as the Hurlimgham glasses). I gather the club has looked into this and struggled to find cost-effective solutions: if anyone (eg those members working if in events) can help on this email Andre, the Exec running food & beverage.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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